AsedaSciences® provides multi-parametric, high content, high throughput phenotypic screening services to the biopharmaceutical and chemical industries. Our unique platform utilizes the inherent strengths of flow cytometry, automated processes and sophisticated data analysis to deliver high value information that allows chemists to approve, improve or remove compounds far earlier in the drug discovery and development process. Our goal is to help the chemical producing industries predict risk of toxicity at the earliest stages of the research and development process to prevent the significant costs of downstream failures and to reduce the safety risk for animals and humans.

SYSTEMETRIC® Cell Health Screen

Description: Multi-parametric, human cell based phenotypic screen
Concentration Range: 10-step dose response, range from 100 uM down to 5 nM
Parameters Measured: Mitochondrial Membrane Potential (MMP), Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS),
Glutathione (GSH), Cytoplasmic Membrane Integrity (CMI), Nuclear Membrane
Integrity (NMI), Cell Cycle (CC), Morphology (Morph)
Compound Volume Required: 20 ul of 10 mM stock in DMSO
Analytical Method: Flow Cytometry
Analysis: Automated analysis using proprietary machine learning algorithms
Analytical Output: Color coded risk score based on comparison to known compounds in database
Visualization: Cloud based SaaS platform, 3RnD®