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AsedaSciences can help predict the hidden safety
risks and accelerate informed decision making on a
compound from the R&D pipeline.
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Our Approach

Our focus is data quality , not quantity.
For each new compound we screen, a standardized cell based profile is created.
This profile, or feature rich biological fingerprint, encodes the specific toxic
effect of each unique compound on critical indicators of cellular stress.

Our Services

AsedaSciences® provides multi-parametric, high content, high throughput phenotypic screening services to the bio-pharmaceutical industry.

Our Markets

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Our Impact

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About Us

Assisting chemists to design safer compounds
AsedaSciences® helps chemists design safer compounds by providing actionable, biologically relevant predictions of the potential risk to human safety at the very start of the R&D process, without the use of animals. We achieve this by integrating a proprietary combination of high content human cell screens and machine learning algorithms into a single predictive platform, providing chemists with a simple, yet powerful tool to identify and reduce the risk of human toxicity.