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Our impact

Safer Compounds

Helping chemists to identify compounds with inherent toxicity risks, in the earliest phases of research.
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Improving Safety

Our Impact
Helping efforts to improve patient safety in clinical trials and support green chemistry initiatives to eliminate hazardous substances.

Helping chemists

Our Impact
We help chemists to design safer compounds by providing a high fidelity predictive platform to expose the cause and effect relationship between compound structure and toxicity related cellular stress.

Helping the 3Rs

Our Impact
Helping to Refine, Reduce and Replace the use of animals by building a predictive platform for earlier implementation of non-animal based toxicity testing of compounds.


Our Impact
Safer compounds help deliver on our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact and improve the health of our planet.

Our Global Mission

Our global mission is to help chemists design and progress safer compounds which will improve industry productivity, reduce the safety risk for patients and consumers, help reduce and refine animal use and safeguard the environment.